May Calendar Page - A Little Late!

Well, May hit before I knew it!  I have been recovering from the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah.  What fun and the weather was wonderful.  Remember this little guy?:
I am happy to report that it sold for $400 and I am thrilled and happy to help raise money for the National Quilt Museum.  It was sort of the "what if I throw a party and no one comes" type of thing - what if I put this miniature on the auction block and no one wants to buy it!?!  
Other museum news - I gave a miniature to Gerald Roy and he has just donated it to the museum and so now I have 2 quilts in Paducah - hooray! (Keeps it even with IQSC&M, as they have two, also.)  It is a four block applique with pieced border that I neglected to name.  He called it Scherenschnitte, as it is a folded paper cut work thing. I thought I kept a photo, but can't locate it right now.
Well, that's it for now........


Jill said…
I am not surprised your quilt went so well at auction. I have seen it happen before. What a great thing for the museum.....and also great that they now have two "Sheila Hollands".
I hope all is going well on the health front.
Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in August.

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