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Hi all,
Can you believe June is almost here?  I can't.  The older I get, the faster time goes by.  I have been working on some quilty fund raiser things, but mostly my time is spent going to the Dr. and getting tests.  What a bother.  Let's see if I get a definitive answer to some long term health issues.
About the above quilt.  It is a doll quilt I made quite awhile ago.  It was before reproduction fabrics were so available.  Back then you had to scramble to find fabrics that looked "right."  Much easier these days, that's for sure.  I started quilting in about 1986 and over the years there isn't much I haven't given a shot.  So, English Paper Piecing was a method that seemed interesting.  (It is currently making a huge resurgence with people doing hexagon quilts.) It is a method that is very accurate, but I don't enjoy doing it.  It takes too much time.  People ask me about hand piecing and the time it takes, but I have to say that for me it is much faster than any other method for making doll and miniature quilts.  It always seemed to me that two quilts could be made in the time it took to make one English Paper Pieced one.  But, as I have observed before, that's the wonderful thing about quilting - there is something for everyone!
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