Some of Wendy's Quilts

Above is the quilt I have been blogging about - the real name of it is No Bake Applique.  Made by my new cyber quilter friend Wendy Caton Reed.  Wendy sent me pics and some bio info.  Her resume is too long to list here, but she has won many quilting awards and her work is frequently featured in museums and also in magazines. You can't get the whole effect from looking at the photo above, but let me say that seeing this quilt in person was a real treat.  Wendy's workmanship is perfect.  Each square in this quilt is bound, with the binding matching the background of the block.  Then these blocks are whipped together to make the quilt.  Amazing. Below is another one of her quilts.  Actually, it is two quilts - one made with reproduction fabrics and one made with antique fabrics. The repros get better every year, I think.  This quilt is named The Old and New.
The next quilt is entitled Stonewall to Happiness.  I have to say that I love this quilt, but have not seen it in person.  I hope to one day, though.  Wendy told me she may add on to this one, as it is also made in the pot holder style.
In our email discussions, Wendy said she thinks of starting a blog some time.  It is a great idea and I ask my readers to leave a comment, encouraging her to do so.  She has much to share.
And last, how was your Super Bowl Day?  Here's what we watched first:  The Kitty Bowl shown on the Hallmark Channel.  Gizmo was enthralled.  As it turned out, this Bowl Game was much better than the actual Super Bowl Game in my opinion!  Till next time.......


Karen said…
I like the No Bake quilt. The thing I like most about it is the variety of background colors. I am thinking I would like to try something like that.

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