Antique Amish Doll Quilt for March

Here is the prize of my antique doll quilt collection.  Isn't this a little gem?  I absolutely fell in love with it when I came across it in an antique booth.  It is made of wool, wool blends and cottons and has a cotton flannel batting.  It was definitely made by a child.  It is in excellent condition.  I just had Gerald Roy appraise it and he loved the use of color in it and thought it was a remarkable find.  We are thrilled with it.
Speaking of Jerry, he brought a copy of his new book to show us.  It is the book to accompany an upcoming quilt exhibit consisting of 60 quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy collection at the Fine Arts Museum in Boston.   Here is the cover of the book.  It is not out yet, but I will be getting it ASAP.   

Quilts and Color
What I like about this book is that it gives you a brief description of a color theory and then has the quilts to put that theory into practice.  The photos of the quilts are wonderful.  I asked Jerry if the colors were true to the quilts and he told me that they were perfect.  It is a lovely book. 
Well, till next time..........


Oh how sweet! I just love the simple beauty of a quilt made by a child.

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