The Yo-yo Ladies

Last November before we moved back to southern Illinois, we spent two weeks there on vacation.   I know, usually people go away from their home, but not us!  Anyway, I got to spend part of a day with the Yo- Yo Ladies at the museum in Paducah.  This is Pat showing me her amazing version of a Dear Jane.  She re-drew it all to a size that suited her better  - I believe she made the blocks 6 inches square.  It is truly a work of art and she plans to hand quilt it.  It was wonderful to see it in person.
Here is Charlotte Roberts working on her project.  They meet on Wednesdays at  the museum and work on projects.  They are the best good will ambassadors the museum could have.  They said everyone wants to take their pictures.  I was no exception.
Here is Virginia Hancock at work.  All these ladies have wonderful sewing skills and are such a joy to visit.  I have enjoyed each and every encounter with them.
I can't believe it was last November when I took these pics and now the Paducah quilt show is just around the corner!  .
Till next time.............


Jill said…
Thanks for sharing these ladies with us. Are you heading to Paducah this year? Looks like I will be going there with my sister. If you are going, we would love to meet up with you. Have a great day.
What a delight it must have been to meet these talented ladies. I can see why they make great ambassadors for the museum!

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