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Hi to all in Blogland,
What does the photo of Gizmo have to do with quilting? Something and nothing.  This is what he looks like at 7 p.m. after a day of playing outside and doing Gizzie things.  He is pooped.  When he is pooped, he is not bothering me.  When he is not bothering me, I can normally do things like sew or quilt.  I say "normally" because this past week was anything but normal.  Last Sunday I got to visit our hospital emergency room.  I had what is called a Corneal Erosion Event.  Translated that means my eye dried out during the night and either I opened it or due to REMS, the outer layer of the cells of my cornea got ripped off because they stuck to the inside of my eyelid.  It feels like you imagine it would.  Also, because it was a huge area and over my pupil it left me pretty much blind in that eye all week.  I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  It is much improved now and I hope to be able to see well in Paducah next week at the quilt shows.  Anyway, hopefully my camera will turn up - it is currently missing and there will be guilt photos to post later.
To all my friends, I hope to meet up with you in Paducah.
Till next time...........


Judy Dietrich said…
Ouch!! What an awful thing to happen to you. Glad it is getting better. I hope it does not affect your trip to Paducah. I have never been, but heard how great a show it is. Hope you takes lots of pictures--the camera is bound to show up when you stop looking for it!!
Jill said…
What an awful thing to happen!
Can't wait to see you in Paducah, Vern too!

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