WIPS Feb. 2013

Can you believe it is Feb.?  The time flies.  Above is what I have going - in addition to the Brackman project. 
1.  You have seen this one before.  It is something to work on when other projects are on hold for one reason or another.  Sadly, it is in a stall, as the fabrics set aside for it have been lost in the move.  Big sigh.  It is really tiring to have to look for everything all the time.  Our lives have been upside down for a long time and I dream of having everything sorted out and put in a permanent home.  Have to admit that I am organizationally challenged.  You know how you have those annoying friends who can put something away once and have it organized perfectly in one try.  Not me.  It has to be moved and moved and moved again.  Ohhh  to be smart enough to get it right the first time!
2.  A miniature that is currently being hand quilted.  The fabrics are circa 1880, with the possible exception of the fabric used for the inner border.  This one was started in a hurry, as I wanted to make sure I had a project going for the 2 weeks last Nov. when we were on vacation.  There wasn't enough of the double pink fabric used in the blocks to do an inner border.  There is a huge variation in the color of double pinks and this one is sort of a raspberry hue - a pink with a purple cast to it.  A very quick run through my stash didn't produce anything that seemed promising for a border.  What to do?  While on vacation, we visited some antique stores in southern MO.  Not a treasure trove for antique textiles.  Our day wasn't turning up anything special until I dug around in a basket of 1950's or so aprons in a basket in a bargain basement of an antique store.  At the bottom - and I am not kidding - was a piece of pink striped fabric in mint condition.  It was 3 yards long and was $1.00.  Eureka, here was border, backing and binding with lots of extra to spare. It may be a bit newer than 1880, but probably not much newer and it works hue-wise.   Sometimes you just get lucky. It is the least expensive piece of antique fabric I have ever bought, regardless of size.
3.  Here are some little brown and pink stars that may or may not become a true project.

Well, that is it for now.  Thanks for the nice comments on the previous post.  Jill, you are my faithful commenter.  Karen - I'm always happy you stop by.  I want to catch up on your blog, as it is always fun to see what you are up to.  Judy D. - thanks for the compliments and the smaller size of the blocks does produce a "busier look" and that may be what you liked. How is your sewing room coming along?   Kimber, you are always nice and it is appreciated.  Till next time.


Karen said…
I am amazed at your antique fabric find for $1. I am finding fewer and fewer textiles in antique shops. I used to find feed sacks, aprons, etc. but not much at all any more. I don't find many quilts in our area in the shops. And seldom anything of interest.
I absolutely adore your WIPs, especially the one wrought in antique fabrics. That pink print you found was PERFECT! And what an amazing deal. It must have been meant to be! Such finds are rare in my area.
Jill said…
Don't you just love it when things work out, like finding that pink fabric and such a deal!?!
I love the little tumblers and I can't imagine how small those little star blocks are. They must be tiny. They are adorable! I just love them!
Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Love all your projects. I too enjoy making small quilts so can appreciate your great workmanship.

Enjoyed the story of the pink fabric - sometimes things are just meant to be.


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