Ohio Quilt Top #2

Here is the second top I have purchased in Ohio.  It is what I would call Spinning Spools and  has lots of crisp fabrics in it - a huge variety of indigo fabrics and shirtings, with one nice double pink for setting blocks and border.  I seem to be having a run on double pink, but who can have too much of that in their stash?  The top is very nicely hand pieced.  We found it in an antique mall about 10 miles from here. I put it on the love seat beside Gizmo and about 2 seconds after I took the photo, this happened:
I have trouble getting his harness on him correctly, so my husband put it on before he left for work.  (Once I put it on him backwards and it made him walk in a very strange way.  Bless his heart, he just puts up with me.)  We have been outside, but only about 5 feet away from the door.  He is not a city cat and all the people and noise are hard for him to accept.  He is doing better though, and if it is one thing a cat can teach you, it is to be patient.

On to other things - Judith did you get my email regarding your nice invitation?
Jill and Lisa - thanks for leaving comments.  I love to read comments. Always good to hear from each of you.
Carolyn from Lee Prairie Designs - welcome to my blog.  I visited your blog and it is lovely.  I plan to go back  and spend more time.  Hope you enjoy coming here.
Till next time.....


Why not!!! Cute post.... Carolyn
Jill said…
Love this quilt, too. Judith and I are in the same Quilt Study Group. We are meeting tonight and it just so happens that Indigo is our topic of discussion. Wish we could see your quilt for our meeting tonight, looks like there are several different indigos used in the quilt.
Lisa said…
Sheila, it looks like you landed in quilt country there! What a great find! Looks like Gizmo thinks so, too.
Kathie said…
oh I just love this quilt top, beautiful I love indigo and double pink
well I love double pinks with browns, with greens too!!!!
ah Gizmo found the perfect place for a nap.
thanks for Sharing!
Susie said…
I spied my favorite antique indigo in the border of your quilt............the indigo moon print. Ooooooo, love it!
Karen said…
I have visited Burton, Ohio many times in past years. A wonderful small town.

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