Hi honey, I'm home....

First purchase in Ohio - you guessed it -  an antique quilt top.  Lots of double pink and a very low price.  It would have been impossible to walk away from it!
We arrived a week ago and are still far from settled.  I decided to leave all my craft furniture in our home at the last minute and am currently trying to figure out what will work for me in our new very small space.  I am learning as I go.
Here is 600 sq. ft. living Tip #1:  Above you see a love seat - you may think it is a large chair, but it isn't.  It is a Lazy Boy love seat and both sides are recliners.  Saves a lot of space, but you really have to like each other.  Luckily, we do.  This is the second thing we purchased.  It is the only upholstered piece of furniture we will put in our living room. 
Till next time...


Jill said…
Glad you have arrived safe and sound. Love that double pink!!
Judithlee said…
Since you have moved fairly close to us (70 miles), our group, NWPA Quilt Study Group was wondering if you would consider coming for a trunk show, or a workshop or just for a visit. Please let us know. We so admire your minature quilts.
Lisa said…
Sheila, I'm glad you are getting settled in. How is the furry baby getting along? I'm in a small space, too, and my sewing room is more of a closet, but somehow I still manage to get things done. I LOVE that quilt!
Hello Sheila, I am new to your blog ...followed you from another---very nice!

It would have been a tough one for me to leave that lovely quilt behind too!!!

I will visit you again....soon!

Carolyn :)

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