Works in Progress

Here's my current projects:

1. The Hex/Star you have all seen before.  I am currently hand quilting it.
2.   This is the backing for the Hex/Star.  Yes, it is blue and this fabric doesn't appear anywhere in the top.  This is in keeping with the practices used by the Pennsylvania Germans ca. 1870.  There is a quarter next to it for scaling purposes.
3.  A Bethlehem Star that I am hand piecing. This is my second one.  The first one I made was ca. 1870's fabrics and is in the International Quilt Museum at the University of Nebraska.  This version is made with ca. 1840's fabrics. 
 4.  This is a possible pieced border for the Bethlehem Star. 

That's all I am working on right now.
Till next time.....


Karen said…
The Bethlehem Star is not an easy quilt to make. I find it interesting that you are hand piecing it. I have made one or two with machine piecing.
Jill said…
Love each and every thing you have shown. The fabrics are beautiful and look so perfect together.

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