A new project

Hi all,
I sort of keep a list going of quilts I want to make.  It is  my policy to only have one quilt to be quilted at a time.  Miniatures are hard to quilt and I don't want a stack of them waiting for me to do.  So, I try to have only one that is in the process of being quilted and only one that is being pieced at a time. However, sometimes I just go off on a tangent and do something out of the blue.  The other day I was looking through  The Art of the Needle   100 Masterpiece Quilts from the Shelburne Museum  and saw a wonderful little crib quilt.  I had to stop everything and make one.  Since it is a miniature version of a crib quilt, it is going to be very small.  The background fabric shown above is from the 1840's, however I believe the other two fabrics are even older.  The blocks are 1.75" square.  It is a bit odd to have a sawtooth star and a Le Moyne star block the same size, but that is the way the original quilt maker did it, so that is what I am doing.
Till next time, keep cool.........


AmyJo said…
Wow that is going to be one amazing miniature when you are finished with it. I just discovered your blog and I have really enjoyed reading your past posts.
Looks like your new quilt project is off to a great start. The LeMoyne Star is one of my favorite block designs and I've recently been making some of these blocks myself—although not this tiny a size! Neat that you're even using 19th-century fabrics, too.
Karen said…
Tiny blocks for sure. I look forward to seeing your progress on the quilt.

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