A visit to Shipshewana, Indiana

My husband and I paid a visit to Shipshewana recently.  We had never been there before, but quilters speak of it fondly.  There is Lolly's - a lovely quilt shop and Yoder's Dept. Store and Amish buggies going to and fro on the roads.  It is a pretty little place.  At Lolly's, I bought a small ruler and a spool of thread.  Antique fabrics have been my focus for a long time, so I passed up all the wonderful reproduction fabrics at the quilt store.  I did find the stack of authentic 1930's fabrics, though not all at the same antique store.  The piece of black draped over the cabinet is actually a black skirt that the tag said was "very old" - whatever that means.  It is almost certainly Amish.  We also went to an Amish bulk store.  Their cheeses were delicious, by the way.  It was a wonderful weekend trip and I highly recommend exploring that area if the opportunity ever presents itself to you. 
Until next time..........


Lisa said…
Looks like a good haul Sheila! Now to see what you are going to do with it! I didn't buy quite that much, but did stock up on those .005 pigma pens I like so much.

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