Happy Thanksgiving to us all!

Here we are the day before Thanksgiving.  The time surely flies along.  This is my favorite holiday.  It will be different for us this year, as I am following the SCD Diet.  Not a diet for weight loss (although I need that) but rather a diet for health reasons.  Different dishes, but good ones I hope.  The Horn of Plenty is a remembrance of my mother who died in 1989.  Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, too.  She loved Horns of Plenty in any form and it truly had meaning for her.  She was a child during the Great Depression and told me that she often went to bed hungry.  Hard for my generation to believe, but it was a fact of life then.  Not hard to be grateful for what we have when you remember those who went before us.  Enjoy your family and the holiday.
Sheila H.


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