O.k., here is the deal.  I am not only computer challenged, but camera challenged as well.  Just yesterday I learned my camera has a zoom function.  Guess I really should find the book and actually read it.  Ahh well.
Here is a photo of a miniature quilt and a bear. The bear is next to a thimble and I made it from  a Gail Wilson pattern.  What a talented doll artist she is!  The little bear, while cute, is not really representative of her talent.  I made it out of Ultra-Suede and everyone just loves to hold it.  The quilt shown is made of reproduction fabrics.  The color palette is one of my favorites - classic Pennsylvania German.  The blocks are 1 1/2" square and the sashing is 1/4" wide.  My idea was to make it out of repro fabrics first, and then, if I liked it to make it out of antique fabrics.  Well, the antique fabric version has yet to materialize (no pun intended.  Well, maybe it was.) I no longer use that theory - I just dive into the antique fabrics and hope for the best.  The background ruler is 6 1/2" square. I am not sure of the best way to show the quilts so that the size can be determined.  Feel free to make suggestions.


Lisa said…
The quilt looks great. I'm working on one in the same colors. I agree that's a great color palette. You DID make one of your GW kits after all!

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