I am so remiss....

Can't believe how I have let this blog go.  Sigh.  Do you suppose time really goes faster the older you get? 
Above is a photo I took for a little booklet I made for a presentation.   My goal when making miniatures is this:  To have a viewer of a photo of them not be able to determine the size of the quilts.  That to me says success.  I am so familiar with them, that I can really never tell if I have accomplished that goal.  Here is a photo of me holding the first little quilt on a bed:

The Sunnbonnet Sue Quilt is 20" x 24".  It was made in the days when I didn't document info because I could remember it all.  Well, those days are long gone.  As I recall, it was a reduced size version of a Little Quilts pattern, except I added the touch of embroidering a different design for each hatband and cuff. Also, during the time when I made these, I would mix antique fabrics with new reproduction fabrics.  I don't do that any more.
Hope you enjoy the photos.


Lisa said…
Sheila, your quilts are amazing, and the little booklets were precious. Thanks for sharing!
Karen said…
The miniature quilt is a beauty.

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