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Monday, January 27, 2014

February Calendar Page

Here's the February Calendar Page.  This is a real oldie.  I was experimenting with English Paper Piecing.  If you really look at it, you can see it is a bit wonky.   I was trying to get the design in the border fabric to look nice on the corners.  Ahhh well, live and learn.  It also appears to be very long and narrow - I have no idea why that seemed to be a good idea at the time.  You would think it would embarrass me to post this one, but it is just my way of saying to all the beginning quilters out there:
"Hey, you have to start somewhere." 
Till next time.............

Friday, January 24, 2014

A finish! But it isn't mine!

Just received an email from my Yo-Yo Lady, Pat Lewis with the photo above.  Wahoo, it is a dandy!  Who doesn't love a Dear Jane.  Pat did a superb job - she even re-drafted all the blocks to a 6" size.  She just finished quilting it and says she is going to rest her fingers.  It is just lovely and a true masterpiece for her.  Here is her label:
It is a quilt she can truly be proud of.
Till next time.......

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Caton Reed's Potholder Quilt

What does this photo have to do with this post?  Why, nothing.  I just liked it. Wonder what she is daydreaming about.

In the previous post, I wrote about a fabulous quilt that will be in the upcoming New England Quilt Exhibit at the National Quilt Museum.  Even though I knew the maker's name, I didn't post it in my blog.  I don't mention people unless it is clear they don't mind.  Well, happily, the maker of the quilt, Wendy Caton Reed somehow saw my blog entry and left a comment.  You can see some of her work here.   (Wendy, I couldn't find a way to email you, so am just going with a blog entry. If you have a photo of the quilt and email it to me, it would be my pleasure to post it.)  Also, the quilt was so fascinating, I neglected to get the real name of it, so let me know on that, too.  Once the
exhibit is up and running, another trip will be in order just to view Wendy's quilt again.  She commented that she hopes to make a pattern of the quilt and it is sure to be a huge success. By virtue of the method, it lends itself easily to any size quilt.  A winning situation.  Well it is a happy circumstance that Paducah is so close to my southern Illinois home, but even if you have to travel a bit, try to catch the new exhibit.
Till next time.........

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The National Quilt Museum

Towards the end of last year, a letter from the museum arrived requesting a small quilt for their small quilt auction held during the April Quilt Show.  I don't know any more about it than that.  All I know is that they requested a small quilt, so there it is.  I drove down there with it yesterday and got to visit with my favorite ladies, the Yo-Yo's.  Also, waited to say hi to Jerry Roy who was arriving in Paducah yesterday.   Some lovely ladies from The Shawnee Quilter's Guild from southern Illinois were there helping to put up a new exhibit and I got to meet them.  I got a sneak preview of a contemporary and awesome potholder quilt that will be in their New England Quilt Exhibit.  Potholder refers to a construction method.  The quilt is comprised of small squares that are quilted and bound and then all of the squares are whipped together.  Not to be confused with Georgia Bonesteel's lap quilting method.  Jerry told me that it seemed to be something that was popular in Maine and someone else said it was from ladies sewing circles that made Civil War soldier's quilts. Anyway, the contemporary example I saw was simply stunning.
Back to my quilt, here is the photo with the hand for scaling purposes :
and here the quilt is in it's display case, ready to auction:
Till next time...........

Friday, January 10, 2014

How about a Year of Doll Quilts!

 Well, as mentioned before on this blog, my sewing room is in dire need of organizing.  A weak attempt at that very thing uncovered a pile of doll quilts.  Instead of continuing with the task at hand, I thought, Hey how about a year of quilts!  A simple calendar was needed around here, so I decided to make one.  You will get to see my progression in quilt making.  So, some of the workmanship will be a little lacking.  Quilters have approached me about helping them make miniatures and I try to get them to start with doll quilts.  These quilts are fun, easy and pleasing and you have to perfect your skills on something.  Doll quilts fit the bill.  The one above is from early in my career and you can tell it.  Back then, there were not a lot of reproduction fabrics on the market and you had to work at creating an old look. This series will also include antique doll quilts from my collection. 
Although it is a little late, click on the image above and print out for January. 
Edit:  I'm trying to get the image to print out a little better.  May take awhile, but I couldn't test it prior to posting. 
Edit again:  This is as good as I can get the image.  Hope you like it.  Let me know if it works for you.

Monday, January 6, 2014

An 1870's Doll Quilt

In between Christmas and New Year's, we drove to Louisville, Kentucky for their annual Flea Market and Antique Show.  We hadn't been there for probably ten years or more.  The weather was good, so we made the three and a half hour drive.  It wasn't disappointing.  I came home with the above doll quilt for $25.  I can't resist them for that price.  This one is sweet, with a nice little print backing.  It shows wear, but the amount that I consider charming.  I was pleased.
Speaking of weather, it is currently minus 2 degrees here, with some snow on the ground.  My cat Gizmo is bored out of his mind.  I bring him to the studio and that helps some.  In fact it is because of him that we call it "the studio."  He seems to understand what you are saying and he is always ready to make the trip from the house.  I read a blog once and someone thought using the word "studio" was a bit grandiose for a sewing room.  Maybe it is, but to me it always just meant a separate building.  I have, however, seen some pretty grandiose studios - well, photos of them anyway.  That is not the case here.  If I ever get it cleaned up, I will post some photos.
Well, keep your needles threaded.
(Do you know what O.N.T. stands for?  It is "Our New Thread.")
Till next time............