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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brackman 12 ...a little late

Hi to all,
It's been awhile since I posted.  We have been busy traveling on weekends.  As previously mentioned, I have major digestive issues.  There are lots of foods that must be avoided:  any grains, corn, sugar, most chemical additives, etc.  This means that I have to make every meal, dessert and snack that we consume for however many days we are gone from home.  In turn that means that I have to work for a couple of days to just get ready to travel.  It's a time consuming process.  Soooo, I am behind in my projects.  This coming weekend we will be on the road again.  It is the third weekend in a row and it is getting tiring for me.  It is just coincidence that it happened three weekends in a row.  Last weekend I gave a lecture on Miniature Quilt Making Tips at the Rising Sun, Indiana Quilt Fest..  The lecture seemed to be well received and it was fun for me to give it.  This quilt fest is a testament to the huge amount of work a small group of women can accomplish.  The local historical society, quilting guild  and a doll making guild all cooperated to put on a show and luncheon that was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.  Good job ladies!
If you are new to my blog, I post photos of my miniatures from time to time and actually hope to get more of that done in the future.  Every week I try to post the Brackman block from the Civil War Block of the Week presented by Barbara Brackman on her Civil War Blog here:  http://civilwarquilts.blogspot.com/
She has generously decided to share not only a block every week, but a piece of history to go with it.  I am making my blocks in a 4" size, but the normal size is 8".  Join in if you would like.  Mine are hand pieced and are very portable to work on, so will take them this weekend and hope to get the first two rows done and sewn together.  The fun thing about hand piecing is that even two rows will fit in a ziplock along with all the items needed to sew:  needle, thread, thimble and scissors.  It is easier to pack a project than it is to pack all the meals!
Well, that's about it for now.  Till next time....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brackman 11 London Square

Another easy block from Brackman's Civil War BOTW.  She always delivers right on time and gives a nice little essay to go along with the block.  She is indeed a huge asset to the quilt world and to history buffs, as well.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese during this time of devastation.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mariner's Compass Blocks

Here's an update on the miniature compass blocks.  Just got them all trimmed. That was a scary proposition.  I decided to trim them so that the background at the centers of the  blocks won't show when they are sashed.  That meant leaving only 1/8" seam allowance at those points.  That's when you really hope you don't slip because there just isn't any room for error.  If you mess up, you scrap the whole block and start again.  I am glad it is over and as far as I know right now, they are all o.k.  Whew.  I like to have one miniature quilt that is being quilted at all times.  I finished my Little Leaf Quilt and didn't have a quilt waiting, so stopped other things and started up on the compass blocks again.  About the quilting - it is not my favorite part of making a miniature and I have to force myself to quilt them.  Of course it is always a happy day when one is quilted and bound.  I will be showing the leaf quilt one of these days.
Post script:  Thank you for the nice comments.  Karen asked about the fabric in one block in particular.  All the long points of the compass were fussy cut.  Sometimes it made it appear as though more than one fabric was  used per point,  but that was not the case.  I apologize for a fuzzy photo.  I just hold my camera up horizontally above my work table and snap a picture - not the best way to do it. The green fabric, the center fabric, the background wedge shape fabric and the background fabric were the same for all blocks.  The tiny piece at the base of the green points is the same in all the blocks, but looks different because it was fussy cut and gives the appearance of being  totally different fabrics.  (That may not show up in the photo.) The blocks finish at 2 5/8".  Think that's about it for now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brackman #10 and update

Barbara Brackman is always right on time posting her blocks for the Civil War Block of the Week!  What a fun little project this is turning out to be for me.  One of the tricky parts of reduced size blocks is apparent in my block this week.  I didn't pay any attention when I cut out the large dark print triangles.  In this photo you would think I used 2 different prints, as the light flowers show up in the bottom 2 triangles, but not so much in the top 2.  I decided to just leave them.
The update part is here:
Just snapped a quick photo of the Little Leaf Quilt in progress.  Finished the quilting and am sewing on the binding.  The first side is sewn down and thought it looked funny, as the binding stands up.  Well, it is funny now - can't say it was all that fun to do.  Hope to post a photo of the finished quilt soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Brackman Block #9

Hello out there,
I made this block last weekend and forgot to post it.  Duh.  It was a fun and easy block and enjoyable to stitch.  The fabrics are by Moda, but the particular line is now a mystery, as all the charms have been tossed in a box by me.  They are either designed by Barbara Brackman or Terry Clothier Thompson.  As mentioned before, the background fabric is not Moda.  When making smaller version blocks and quilts, it is always good to try to tone things down a bit.  Generally speaking, reproduction fabrics are not geared towards making reduced size quilts.  As a fabric lover and antique fabric collector nothing tickles me more than to see an antique fabric print that has been reproduced.  When placing them side by side, the reproduction is nearly always larger in scale.  I have only seen one fabric and repro fabric that reversed this.  That means that the block can appear to be too busy to our eye.  I love scrap quilts, but they open the door to being overwhelming with the variety of fabrics - especially in smaller sizes.  The best way to calm it all down in my opinion is to use a bit of a unifying background fabric in each block.  It gives your eye a place to rest when viewing the quilt.  Of course today's wonderful fabric designer's have made the chore of choosing fabrics delightfully easy by giving us whole lines of coordinating fabrics.  It is fun to play in my charm packs to make these blocks.  Till next time..