Happy Valentine's Day!

Above is a photo of an antique honeycomb puff card.  It was made back in the day when a card was so much more than they are today. It is part of this collection:
These are not very good photos, plus the colors are faded now.
But I thought they deserved a mention. Just the fact that something so fragile has existed for so long is a wonder. It tells you how much the original recipient cherished them. I found a whole bag of them at an antique mall for $3.0O. It was an instant collection! You know what they say- one is one, two is a pair and three is a collection. 
Well, that's it for now. I am working on several things, but nothing to show yet. So, a very happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and especially to my better half - we have stayed together through thick and thin.....


What a lovely collection - wink! I buy vintage cards when I see them too. How could we pass them up? Happy Valentine's Day.
Janet O. said…
When I was a child I had an elderly neighbor with an album full of vintage Valentines. I loved the time I would spend with her flipping through the pages, perusing the delicate confections. These brought back such memories to me.
What a great find!
I remember when I was a child in school how excited I would be to exchange valentines with classmates and occasionally receiving an extra fancy one. Fun memories of the 1950s.
Jane said…
I wonder if they still make anything with that honeycomb design anymore? I remember when Hallmark had honeycomb designs for all of the holidays. Your quilt in the background really compliments the color of the cards. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jill said…
These are wonderful! Great find! I wish I was working on several things. I need to start working on some things.
You and Vern are the cutest!!!

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