What I'm Up To...

Hello to everyone!
I am doing a test post.  Trying to see if it's possible to do a post with a tiny Kindle.  I love my Kindles - yes there is more than one around here. This one has a camera and I wanted to see if it is good enough. Let me know how it shows up.
I have been sick for quite some time. Cataract surgery has been scheduled for me several times and cancelled due to other health problems. So, since my eyesight has taken such a hit, I have switched to crocheting and knitting.  Hopefully a crocheted lap size afghan will materialize, and am doing some gift packs of dishcloths. 
I would like to say hi to Jill and my other friends out there. Vern and I probably won't be able to make any meetings this year. He is working out of state right now and is coming and going with a crazy schedule. 
Well, I hope this works o.k.  I absolutely hate the computer in my studio. It is very difficult to get anything done on it and discourages me from blogging. Plus I haven't even felt like being in there.  Hopefully better days are ahead.
Till next time....



Janet O. said…
Worked fine from my end--and the photo even enlarged when I clicked on it. Many times when people are posting from their phone the photo won't enlarge when I click, and I want to be able to see details.
Hope you get feeling better, so you can have the cataract surgery and SEE!!
Sheila said…
Thanks for letting me know about the photo. I am so techno-challenged! It is a wonder I get anything done on a computer or kindle.
Robin said…
Looks like you've been getting a lot done. The picture turned out great. Hope your able to see better soon.
Jill said…
Hi to you and Vern as well. The post looks great! I love my Kindle too. Good to know you can do a post from it. Now I just need to create a Blog so I can post from my Kindle. Sad to hear that I will probably not get to see you at any meetings this year. I do love spending time with you and Vern. I always have so much fun with you both. Susan and I will be heading to Lexington and plan on making Shipshewana in November (a first time for us in Shipshewana). I sure hope you get to feeling better and soon! Take care of yourself and keep that Vern out of trouble.
Sheila, I am so sorry to hear of your health problems. Your work is so amazing, it must be difficult to have to set it aside for a while. I wish you the very best and hope you are feeling in the pink again soon!

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