Grover and me,

Remember when I showed you a 4" bow tie block?  Well, I thought I did, but can't find it now.  It was part of this project.  Sue Reich asked me if I would make a 24" square quilt featuring Grover Cleveland for her Presidents Book. Grover and I  are shown together at the Civic Center in Paducah during the past quilt show. Here is a pic of the book.
Here is Grover on page 96:
Here are the rest of the quilts displayed at the Civic Center:

Sue had supplied us all with the photos of the presidents and gave us guidelines for size, etc.  She also requested that we use either period fabrics for our pres., or appropriate reproduction fabrics. I used all antique fabrics and hand pieced and hand quilted it.  I was honored to have participated in this project.
Enough about quilts! Here is a current pic of Gizmo:
He is on top of "his" cupboard on the very first quilt I ever made.  It might be the most awful quilt in existence.  I am thinking it is a perfect match for the Giz.
On a personal note, why haven't I been blogging?  Well, there is a couple of reasons.  I haven't been well and haven't spent any time in my sewing studio.  That is where my computer is kept.  So, if I'm not in the studio, I'm not blogging.  Hope to remedy that. 
Till next time....


Jill said…
Lovely quilt! I hope you get to feeling better. Maybe I will get to see you in August at MFSG?
Had the big "Jubilee" birthday this month. It was a good one!
Like your profile picture, you look great!
As always.....looking forward to seeing you again!
Karen said…
Interesting seeing all the portrait quilts. Such a good idea.
Oh Sheila, I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I adore your Grover Cleveland quilt. I have all of Sue's books but this one so I'd better order it today! Surely hope you will be feeling better and in the studio soon!

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