Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my quilting friends!  Gizmo didn't really care for the hat I made for him.  Have you ever seen an unhappier cat face?  Here's hoping all of you have happier faces for this Christmas.
The quilt in the background is an oldie.  It is made from a pattern that was in American Quilting and Patchwork Magazine a long time ago.  It was by Cindy Taylor Oates, I believe, and was for a crib quilt that I reduced by 50%.  It is a large doll quilt size or wall hanging size.  I machine pieced it and hand embroidered and hand quilted it.  I think I inadvertently swapped the red and white pieces on part of it, but I don't really remember now.  It was made before I ever thought about keeping an accurate record of my quilts.  It is cute to get out at Christmas time.  Although it looks off white in the large photo, it is actually a true white.

Vern, Gizmo and I wish you the very best for the holidays and for the coming year.
Till next time....


Jill said…
Merry Christmas to all of you as well and a blessed New Year!
Oh poor Gizmo! I think he will forgive you. Love the red and white quilt. Happy New Year Sheila!

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