Questions and Answers

Hello to everyone,
Hope you had a fun Fourth of July.
I love it when you leave comments and ask questions, so thought I would answer some.
But first a mention for the sweet little antique doll quilt shown above.  It is 14" x 19.5."
It was hand pieced, but machine quilted and there is no batting.  The backing is muslin.  I would date it to around 1890-1900.  I bought it at an antique show and don't know anything about it. The maker is unknown, but a guess would be that an adult made it.  The other two hexagon flowers are a couple of projects of mine. 
 Someone asked if this quilt:
Was made from the hexes shown here:
Nope.  Entirely different project.  One of the flowers is shown in the first photo.  The second flower is yet another hex project.  Can there be too many hexagons in your life?   A blog post devoted to hexes and different methods to make them is in the works, so more about all those later.
Another question was whether we take Gizmo camping with us.  Yes, he is one of the reasons we got a camper.  We do take him out on a leash at the campgrounds.  We had to go from a harness  (he turned out to be quite the little escape artist) and get him a cat jacket.  Given enough time he could probably escape, but it severely slows him down.  He actually loves the jacket, but really  hates the leash.
But there are rules at these campgrounds that must be obeyed whether he likes it or not.
Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
Till next time......


Jill said…
Cute doll quilt and Gizmo looks great in his jacket. Just came home from a camping trip. We had beautiful weather....a nice change.

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