Gizmo 1, 2, 3

O.k. I put a scarf on him for St. Patrick's Day. He wasn't feeling it.  The bow was immediately a mess.

He is looking for an escape route.

Found it.
Maybe next time, I'll try a shamrock hat or something.  I know I am not the only one who subjects their animals to this sort of stuff.  It's just that most people won't admit it!
Well, onto other things.  I have been in a deep funk this winter.  I don't know why.  My energy has hit some pretty bad lows. I think spring weather will help, though.  
I have spent incalculable hours on a miniature quilt.  Here's where it began:
The center piece is from an 1806 panel designed by Jean-Baptiste Huet who designed for the famous Oberkamph textile manufacturer located approximately 15 miles from Versailles.  The fact that we stumbled across two small sections of a panel at an antique show is nothing short of a miracle.  My husband is the one who actually spotted a small corner of the fabric under a pile of pillow covers.  The vendor we bought it from had made two pillow covers out of them, but hadn't finished them yet.  She explained to us that "boat loads of antique French textiles" were coming in to America now.  Well, I would sure like to meet those boats at the dock!  I really don't think there is much Huet stuff floating around.  When we found it, we didn't know exactly what it was, we just knew it was wonderful.  There are many miniature quilts I want to make and a medallion style or British frame style was one of them, I just couldn't find a center medallion small enough to work. As soon as we looked at it, we both knew where it was headed.
Well, this is turning into a book instead of an entry.  I will post more about this quilt later.
Till next time....


Jill said…
It's been a hard winter for a lot of people. I think everyone is hoping spring will bring a change. Looking forward to the snow melting, although not looking forward to the mud it is going to create!
I have been working on a few different hand piecing projects and that has kept me energized.
Can't wait to see how your new project develops.
Take care.
Sheila, so happy to see your post this morning! Hope you are coming out of the winter funk. We have had enough of it here as well! I can't wait to see the finish of this little gem! Happy stitching!!

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