A Couple of Things

Isn't this sewing machine cover cute and clever?  I think so.  A talented lady on Etsy made it and I was lucky to find her shop.  It is Beckys Sew and Stuff.  Please note that there is no bulge on the top - it is where my wooden spool holder poked the cover up.   

In this photo you can see that the sleeve for the fold up table really protects the bed of the machine.  Becky makes different covers and even bags for carrying the machines.  I don't know her personally, but really liked it, so thought I would share. 
Next up, I finally finished the miniature quilt for the April Auction at The National Quilt Museum.  It is in a cherry display case. This one is 7.5" x 8.625" and is of course all antique fabrics, hand pieced and hand quilted.  A bit of inspiration came from an article by Gerald Roy. Needless to say, I can't find the article now to give all the precise details, but he talked about the use of white as a color and not just a background.  I tried to accomplish that in this quilt.  My thought was that you would look at it and not really register white, but rather that it would all work together.  Don't think I am explaining that very well, but that was my hope. Anyway, here it is:
Excuse all the glare.  Am still trying to figure out this new camera.  I delivered it to the Museum yesterday and got to visit with the Yo-Yos. 
This is an earlier photo of Pat working on her Dear Jane.  What a lovely quilt.  No new photos because I didn't take my camera  - again.  Just can't get in the habit of hauling it around.  Anyway, it fun to see everyone at the museum again.
Well, that's it for now.
Till next time......


Jill said…
Well, I think you achieved what you were going for with the white. I love the blue print as the background, as well.
The machine cover is super cute and clever.
I suppose you are now on to the next project. Looking forward to see what it will be.
Taryn said…
The machine cover is so clever. I love that you can protect your Featherweight and still have the Featherweight look. What can I say about your little star quilt - fantastic! Just today I was dreaming of a very small star like that and wondering how difficult it would be to tackle.
Janet O. said…
Incredible little star quilt. I love how you created the border, too!
Sheila, your quilt is as usual, simply beautiful!! And you explained "white as a color" perfectly. It really works in this one. Wish I could go to the auction. I plan on sending a few little things there way. Need to get cracking! I'm still working on my Jane in the potholder method. I would LOVE to meet the yo-yo ladies!

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