December Calendar Page and Jill's Quilt

Happy December to everyone!  Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?
We had a great Thanksgiving Day and hope you all did, too.
The doll quilt this month is one I made some time ago.  It is another quick and easy one.  There isn't much else to say about it.  There is much to day about a lot of other things, though.  The following photos are of a wonderful antique quilt than my friend Jill from the NW PA Quilters owns.  She purchased this quilt at an auction for a song.  The family that was having an estate auction had found this quilt under a mattress.  Yes, it is one of those stories!  It is very early - a guess would be circa 1830.  It is in remarkable condition.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Enjoy.

A big thank you to Jill for sharing this wonderful quilt.
Also, I would like to comment on your comments for the last blog post.  Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinions.  Susan, I am going to have to quote your line - "You can't save something that isn't there!"  Well, that sums it all up very succinctly.  Wendy - I'll be blogging about your new blog soon.  So glad you will be sharing your work in cyberland.  Karen - I need to catch up on your blog.  I'm sure you have been making a lot of wonderful quilts. Janet O. - looking forward to visiting your blog.
Till next time...........


WOW! A superb quilt. We see quilts with cutouts for four poster beds a lot in Maine. On some of our outer islands they are still making them that way. According to Jeannette Lasansky (PA quilt historian) it is rare to see one from Pennsylvania. I LOVE the back. I would love to see this one in person. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Jill said…
She looks great! I love everything about this quilt. I still pinch myself that she belongs to me and the events of that whole day.
Have a great day!
What a great quilt - I just love looking at the old fabrics. Some of them look familiar - I think there are repros of them. Love!
Judy Dietrich said…
My mother-in-law says she quilts & I just rip apart quilts!! I save small pieces from former generations UFOS to use in current projects. I feel it is better to use the fabric---instead of just folding it up as a decoration. It also helps that quilt tops with "problems" tend to cost less. I used to work for Nancy Kirk, when she had her shop & learned so much about vintage/ antique quilts. It has been a wonderful knowledge & the history that goes with it, is fantastic!!

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