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Hi to everyone,
Jill left a comment asking what I have been working on.  So, I thought I would show you.  By the way, Jill always leaves me a comment and I love hearing from her. She sent me photos of any amazing antique quilt she has and I want to blog about it soon.  Anyway, here goes:

A.  I knit a shawl with some thrift store yarn.  It is called a Mara Shawl and the pattern is by Amy Hendrix. Find the pattern at this website.  It is in other places as well. 
B.  You have to look hard to see the 2" bow tie block.  It is from a project that I did for Sue Reich.  I don't know if we are supposed to talk about it yet, so all I'll show is a block.  Have to say that it was a much larger scale than I am used to.
C.  A miniature quilt out of antique fabric for a fund raiser.  I have been inundated with requests this past year for items.  I have not made myself a portfolio quilt all year.  The one in this pic is not yet quilted. The white you see around the edges is batting.  The pieced border will be the finished edge. 
D. A new supply of knitted dishcloths was sorely needed around here.  Thrift store cotton yarns served the purpose here.  I used this pattern, except that for the red stripes I did a duplicate stitch instead of changing yarns.

I have to say that my knitting had been on hold for a while, because I have arthritis in my left hand and knitting bothers it quite a bit.  Then I came across these pain relieving patches at Walgreens and they seem to help quite a bit. 

Well that's about it for now. Till next time........


Karen said…
The new miniature you are working on is a beauty. You need to make one for your portfolio.
Jill said…
Thanks for sharing what you have been up to. Looks like you have been busy with some great projects. I hope you get a chance to at least start a quilt for your portfolio before 2014 comes to an end. I am sure you have an idea or two of quilts you want to make for yourself.
Enjoy your projects!

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