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Hi to everyone out there in cyber space.
This month's doll quilt is a vintage 1930's one.  It is a sweet one, but not really remarkable in any way.  Probably done by a mother who took some time to make it, but didn't produce a masterpiece.  The back has two strips of blue fabrics - one on each long side - sewn to the plain muslin backing. I don't know if this was a design element or simply out of necessity.  I am thinking it was possibly a combo of both reasons.  She didn't have a large enough piece of muslin and decided to make it look nice by carefully adding the two perfectly straight strips. This was, after all, during the depression when everyone made- do.  I particularly like it when they "made-do" but made art at the  same time.  The binding is wide and curved, not mitered on the corners. The blocks are about 3.25" square, but vary a bit.  This quilt would be a snap to reproduce, although changing the unfinished size of the blocks to 3.5" square would probably be easier.
Well, that's it for today.
Till next time.........


ann hermes said…
I love simple, make-do, naive doll quilts! Very nice.
Pam Betz said…
Hi Sheila--I don't need anymore large bed quilts, but this doll quilt could make a sweet baby quilt. If you are ever up my way please call, I'd love to see you.
Pam Betz
Janet O. said…
Was recently given a link to your blog by someone who knows what I like. I look forward to following along (and I'm sure I will have to reproduce one of these sweet quilts now and then).

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