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Here is a sweet little antique doll quilt that we found at an antique show.  I honestly don't remember if I posted it before or not.  If I did, it is worth a second look, I think.  I suspect that a mother made this for her daughter, as the work is so well done.  It is a simple quilt and the quilting is not elaborate, but it was made with care.  The backing is a lovely little print that is a good match for the fabrics in the top.  All in all, it is very sweet and a happy addition to my  collection.
Other news - after much testing, it seems that I was suffering from a bad flare up of my old friend IBS.  The specialist that saw me prescribed some medicine and it helps, but it has side effects.  It is making it hard for me to focus on things and I am behind in some fund raising projects.  The doctors would think you are crazy to mention that sort of connection with your brain and your digestive problems, but believe me it is real.  This week I am going to force myself to focus and get something done!
Till next time..............


Lady Locust said…
That is just a darling little quilt. Are all these little gems yours? I am a bit jealous if they are. Your collection is beautiful.
Jill said…
I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Looking forward to seeing you in August, Vern too.
I made a Stacked Bricks for son #2 in 2002. I love the pattern!

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