I don't buy contemporary fabrics any more.  It was a very hard thing to do - to quit buying all the wonderful reproduction fabrics available today.  They just get better every year, don't they?  But after being very ill a few years ago, I decided that I wouldn't live long enough to use it all and had to let that part of my quilt making life go.  As you know if you read this blog, I make miniature quilts out of antique fabrics.  Period.  O.k., I made an exception for the quilt of the week thing that Barbara Brackman did a while back.  She has been so important to quilting, that I just wanted to join in.  (That quilt still isn't quilted, by the way.  I mean to work on it every once in awhile, it just slips my mind.)
However, having said all this, there is one thing that I can't quit collecting and that is feedsacks.  Yep, I love them.  My collection really slowed down due to the prices.  My husband laughs and says, "I remember when you would only pay $1 each or $2 if it was special."  Well, in the Midwest those days are long - and I mean long - gone.  But recently I found a really good deal on them in an antique store and wound up with 41 of them.  Whoever originally squirreled them away was someone who really intended to use them, as she had 5 of one pattern, 4 of another, and 3 of some and 2 of some.  I was thrilled to find them. 
Speaking of being ill, I just got over a bad cold and am still getting over pancreatitis.  It was not fun.  I have autoimmune diseases and there is a form of pancreatitis that is caused from your immune system running amok. Oh, goodie, another one!  I have been following a special diet for a long time and it is restrictive.  I have decided to go with the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol for now.  The first 30 days are pure torture, but I am hoping this is the right path.  I pretty much bottomed out mentally when I was sick and thought that it would be impossible to give up even more foods, but other people do it, so it must be do-able.  It is frustrating to try so many things to get healthy and then wind up being sick.  But you have to pick yourself up in order to go down the right path when you find it. I would ask that all of you in blogland keep a good thought for me and say a prayer that this path is the correct one.  Thank you,


Oh I do hope you will feel better soon. Hopefully this recent batch of feedsacks will brighten you up! What a treasure. Restrictive diets are no fun and I'm glad to see that you haven't restricted yourself from buying more feedsacks! Take care.
Dawn said…
Feel better soon. Hope the feedsacks bring you good cheer. That's a nice stack there to enjoy!
Greta said…
So sad to hear about your troubles. I hope this path is the right one. If not, I hope the right one presents itself soon. Blessings, Greta
Jill said…
What a great find! Is there such a thing as feed sack envy? Those will make some lovely quilts.
Sorry to hear you have not been well. I know how dedicated you are to your diet. As always, I will keep a good thought and say a prayer (daily) that all goes well and you are feeling much better soon.
Hi Sheila,
I'm an acquaintance of Gretchen Schultz and I would like to chat with you about a guild program on miniatures. Can you please email me at IHaveANotion at yahoo dot com?

Sorry for leaving this here but I could not find your e-mail addy. You can feel free to delete this comment.

Kelly Jackson

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