Singer Attachments

Hello, hello!
Well, now it is Sept.!  and I am still wondering where July went. 
The above little girl in the photo is not me. (Don't you admire her intensity?)  My mother
would not allow me to come close to a sewing machine at that age.  She said I would sew through my finger and sure enough, about 45 years later I did.  I attribute it to disturbed hormone levels and a slant needle sewing machine.  Everyone knows my miniature quilts are hand pieced.  But what you don't know is that I love sewing machines.  We actually collect antique ones - you guessed it - mostly miniatures.  Also for the last 30 years I have been entranced with Singer sewing machine attachments.  They made some really strange things and I love them all.  Yesterday, my husband and I were at the county seat paying our real estate taxes and decided to visit the antique shops on the square.  He spotted this:
This is such a charming little machine.  It clamps onto a table and has a pinking blade in it so that you guide fabric through with your left hand and crank with your right hand and it pinks the strips.  We already had a few of them in various conditions, but this one was really nice.  It had the clamp (which is most often missing, the instruction booklet and best of all it had a straight edge blade in it.  These were not included with the pinker and had to be purchased separately.  In 30 years, this is the first non-pinking blade we have found.  The box is also in fairly good condition for cardboard from 1935.  We got all this for only $16.00 and consider it to be a wonderful bargain. 
Till next time......


Karen said…
I would say a very good find. I feel like I have seen one before but can't say for sure. And I would not have known if it were complete or not. I am intrigued by it.

I started using my mother's Singer when I was in 7th grade. Before that, I played underneath many times while she was sewing.
Dawn said…
That's a great find. Congratulations.
I have several little machines but have yet to thread them up to sew.

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