Where did July go???????

Hi all,
Well, looks like I completely missed July when it comes to a blog entry!  We have had such a nice summer weather-wise, it is just speeding by me.
Above is my miniature quilt top version of the Pennsylvania quilt in the previous post.  The setting squares and triangles appear to be gray, but they are actually a white ground with a blue figure.  I pinned it to a black felt board to take the pic.  It  isn't being quilted yet because I don't have a piece of blue shirting large enough for backing.   So, it is on hold for the time being.  It has been suggested to me to use a reproduction fabric, but it is a route that doesn't appeal to me. The Portfolio Series is all about antique fabrics. It is hand pieced (and hand appliqued)  as usual.
Here is a close-up of the fabrics, with dimensions:

You can see the fabric a bit better, although it still has a gray cast in the photo, which is not there in reality. The quilt will finish somewhere around 17.5" square.  The fabrics are not an exact match to the fabrics in the full size quilt, but  miniatures have their own special requirements. I tried to match  the colors and whether the fabrics were prints or solids.  Hexagon quilts are my favorites, but it would seem like Lone Stars crop up a lot, too.

Till  next time.............


Dawn said…
Beautiful. Love the fabrics and the close up.
So much work! Thanks for sharing.
Karen said…
Amazing little quilt. I can understand why you would want to wait vintage fabric for the backing.
ann hermes said…
Another amazing piece! I have a large antique quilt just like that.
Jill said…
What a beauty!! Looking forward to this weekend, maybe I will get to see this one in person??

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