Antique Quilt Top

Here is a new-to-me antique quilt top.  That is Gizmo in the middle of it.  I threw it on the love seat and half a second later he was in the middle of it.  I suspect the double pink of the alternate blocks is a bit newer than the fabrics in the blocks, but I could be mistaken.  Dating fabric is tricky business and even though I study antique fabrics, quilts and tops all the time, some fabrics were made for such a long time that dating them is somewhere between science and art.  The blocks are primarily browns with some very nice indigo thrown in.  It is a nice top and finding it at our local antique store was fun. 
About the Giz - last week he had to visit the local vet clinic.  He has had a mysterious skin rash off and on for a long time.  None of the vets in the past were able to diagnose it.  This vet says it is an auto immune thing probably caused by an inability to digest gluten and corn.  Commercial cat food is full of both those things, with lots of other chemicals thrown in.  None of my friends can believe it, as I have the same condition, but throw in inability to digest starch as well.  I suspect that Gizmo shouldn't eat any starch either and I am not backing down from that opinion.  He now eats hypo-allergenic food which costs a small fortune.  He did not want to eat this food for awhile and was pretty unhappy with me for several days.  Plus he had two high power shots at the vet and had a reaction to them.  So, it has been rough for awhile, but he is looking so much better and the rash is disappearing.  Hooray! Oh, by the way, he weighs 16 pounds and 7 ounces.  We were outside one day and I heard a girl say, OMG, What is that!!!!  It scared me and I spun around expecting to see a rabid raccoon or something and she was looking at us.  A young man at the vet's asked me if I had a Pomeranian in the pet taxi.  Nope, just the Giz.
Till next time.........


Jill said…
Oh, that top is wonderful! Don't you just love it when you find something like that? And Giz....well is is really something, too.
What a treasure, Sheila! I love the quilt. As you know, I love pink! Glad to hear that Gizmo is improving. My kitties are on pricey special diet food as well. It really seems to help them.
Lisa said…
Oh Sheila that is so funny. Was he offended to be called a Pomeranian?? ;) I have one that's 22 lbs. and can't quite bring myself to make a feeding box like the vet recommends that he can't fit into. What a great find that quilt is, and yes, cats tend to gravitate to whatever we're working on, don't they.
Kathie said…
boy your quilt top looks like my friend Lorres quilt top that i reproduced did you buy it on Ebay?
here is mine what do you think and you can see the antique quilt there too!
Thanks for sharing. Its good to see fresh content always.

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