Hi to all.
This is what I am currently doing.  Quilting the orange and blue miniature quilt.  Hopefully the spool of thread and thimble will show you the scale. The quilt top was done with needle turn applique and hand piecing. This little quilt was on hold for quite awhile.  I was thinking about if I wanted to change one of the blocks, but decided it was way too late to do that and just went for it the way it is.  As mentioned on prior blog entries, I don't really enjoy hand quilting these miniatures.  I don't use a hoop and it is a continual battle to keep the quilts flat and square.  The pieces are so small that simply putting a couple of quilting stitches in them will cause distortion.  Quilting around applique pieces is much easier.  No seams to contend with and not too much distortion to fight. I am currently working on the large orange border and it is going well.
About the comments on my last entry:
Jill - what pages in the book did you bookmark for reference? Just curious.
Taryn - thanks for the very nice comments.
Karen - glad you like the header photo.  I don't change mine as often as you do on your blog, but every once in awhile I change it up.
Till next time, keep creating wonderful things...........

Edit:  There have been problems with the comments page freezing up - I have downloaded Google Chrome and changed the comments options to a pop up box.  I have no idea if the problem is fixed.  Computers - Aaargh!  Jill - thanks for emailing me about this.


I loved getting a glimpse of your mini quilt. As usual, it is gorgeous and your workmanship amazing. What's even more amazing is the scale that you work in. You are so talented!
Jill said…
Fixed the problem, downloaded Google Chrome and now I can comment. I don't know if I like it.

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