What's in the works?

Above is the miniature quilt I was working on before this happened:
I am still working on finding the combo of needle size, yarn and method that works the best for me.  Notice the trio of little Snow Babies?  I saw these at a thrift store and couldn't resist.  I am trying very hard not to buy "dust collectors" and stuff in general, but once in awhile something has to come home with me. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day,


Lisa said…
Love, love, love that orange and blue, Sheila!! Your work amazes me.
Jill said…
I can't believe I am a week behind on reading blogs. So, nice to see the orange and blue quilt done (well, all except the quilting), it looks fantastic. It looks like you have been very busy with your knitting, they look great as well!

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