Hey, What's this have to do with quilting???

This has absolutely nothing to do with quilting.  Change is afoot.  Or apaw.  My husband has been in the Cleveland area for several months.  I will be moving up there - with our two cats - at the end of this month.  We will be living in an apartment.  Gizmo, shown above, is our "busy" cat.  He hunts and spends lots of time outside.  He comes in at night.  I know, it is backwards to what most people do.  But, it is what we do to protect him from coyotes and such.  Our other cat is very fat and very lazy and likes to stay in 99% of the time and look out the window.  Not so with The Giz. The apartment complex has land to take him out, but he is a country cat and not a city cat and will have to have supervision.  If anyone out there in blog land has suggestions on how to supervise a cat, Please let me know!  He will have to be in a harness with a leash and me in tow.  Just shoot me.  It is going to be an experience.  However, he doesn't seem to mind the harness and that's a start.  The harness may not be adjusted correctly and I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out which way it went, but as I said, it's a start.  The leash I bought matches the harness, but apparently it is the wrong size because the toggle won't go around both D - rings.  Plus it is a dog harness and I'm not sure if I should have tried harder and found one for a cat. Any helpful comments will be greatly appreciated. Sigh. 


Sheila, it looks a little big. Just saying this cuz you don't want to lose him. It's been decades since I used a cat harness but they used to make them for cats and they need to fit really snugly.
Lisa said…
Sheila, good luck with your move! And yes, he shouldn't be out without you by his side. Good luck with that harness, as when I put one on my cats, they just fall over on their side and lay there, paralyzed. :) I think the cat harnesses have thinner webbing so it doesn't rub, but you might want to check this out. I've though about it, as it looks so much more comfortable.

Jill said…
Sorry, I have no experience with cat harnesses. Good luck with that. Do you mean Cleveland, Ohio?

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