Finished for the National Quilt Museum

Here is the finished Mariner's Compass Quilt that you have seen in progress.  It will soon be in the collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.  Although the photo above is the actual quilt, the binding is "virtual."  The actual binding is the same as the inner border.  My photo taking ability is not that great and in the photo I took, the border looked wavy because I taped the quilt up to a cupboard door and didn't get it flat.  Sigh.  It is easier to straighten it out with a computer than it is for me to take a decent photo.  Anyway, suffice to say the museum wouldn't want it if it were wavy. This is the quilt in the entry below that had batting sticking out around it.  It is also the one that Gerald Roy wanted for the museum.  It is an honor and a pleasure for me to have a quilt in Paducah's museum. It is made entirely with ca. 1870's fabrics.
Other news: packing and sorting is absolutely no fun.  How can one person acquire so much?  I think there is a never ending supply of "stuff" around here.  Any tips on organizing craft stuff for a move would be greatly appreciated.
Till next time......


Cheryl said…
Congratulations! This is well deserved.
Kathie said…
congrats, what an honor and your quilt deserves to be in that museum
you do amazing work.
Sandra said…
Congratulations. That is such a great honor. Love your work and the tiny scale.

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