Thrift Store Finds

After living in the same house for 20+ years, we moved last year. Well, I should say we started moving to another place. I had acquired a lot of stuff. I vowed to stop acquiring stuff, but you know, some of us are just collectors at heart. I cannot stay out of antique shops and thrift stores. This weekend we visited one thrift store and there was a ready made collection for me - some vintage handkerchiefs. When I was a little girl, everyone had a nice little one tucked into their purse. You couldn't leave your house without one. Somewhere along the way, they fell out of favor and everyone carried the purse packs of kleenex. When exactly that happened, I don't remember. Funny how things just evolve and you don't really pay attention to it. Now I look at those little hankies in a different light and think how much sweeter they are than a paper tissue. Not as convenient, of course, but sweeter none the less.
Till next time,
Sheila H.


dutchanne58 said…
come to think of it, there are many things that are tossed to the wayside in favor of the new, improved, make your life easier products & techniques. I'm turning back to the simple life.

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