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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Work Station

This is a lap station designed to be used with laptop computers. I use it for hand piecing. I can put a Kindle in the slot at the back. Sometimes I download a movie or television show during the night (we pay for high speed internet, but we are at the very edge of the service zone and we get a slow service) and I can watch it while I sew the next day. Plus it is handy for looking something up on the net or checking my email. There are two padded arm rests at the front edges that I stick my needle in while clipping threads. I took the photo with everything sitting on the table, but I actually sit it on my lap while sitting on my loveseat with my legs up on a footstool. As you can see, my pieces are kept in ziplock bags to avoid losing them. The block shown on the right is just a sample block. The hardest part of making a miniature quilt for me is the hand quilting. The sample is for trying different quilting ideas. More about this project on another day.
Other things - Karen asked if I liked the book Indigo Quilts. Yes, I like it very much. There are 30 featured antique quilts, 5 of which have patterns and instructions. The applique patterns are full size, which is a nice plus. There is also a history of the indigo dye itself.  So, for me, it is a perfect book. As amazing as the red and white quilt show in New York was, I have to say that my heart has always belonged to indigo and white quilts.
Till next time......

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Trip to Paducah

First stop-Hancock's of Paducah.
One small section of fabrics.
One small section of patterns.
What came home with me. Notice the white base in the upper right? It is a little collapsible LED light. Our electricity was off for awhile, so I used the little light. It collapses to a flat rectangle and fits in the box shown. Think it will be great for the camper.
Same stuff, light on the other side.
The Yo-Yo Ladies quilting at the National Quilt Museum.
Another view.
A poorly lit photo of Judy  Schwender.
She is the curator of collections and registrar at the museum.
I bought this book and the tiny 25 year anniversary pin at the museum quilt store.

A peak inside.
And last, but not least, a purchase from Hancock's. The new issue of Quiltmania. It has a new feature with Gerald Roy.
In this issue he writes about crib and doll quilts. It is a wonderful article.
I made a couple of other stops at favorite places, but they weren't quilt related.
Before I sign off, thanks to those of you who stopped by a left comments. You are the reason why people love quilters! 
Till next time......

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Museum News

Remember this little guy?
Just got an email from Judy Schwender at the National Quilt Museum and my quilt was selected with 14 others to travel to the Tokyo Quilt & Stitch Show in September and the Osaka Quilt & Stitch Show in December. I am very honored.  
Till next time.....