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Friday, September 30, 2011

And the winner is.....

The winner is Kathie, who wrote:
"owning this would be such a treasure for me, I adore your work and so admire your ability...."
Congratulations! Your name was picked out of a hat.
Send your mailing info to:
and I will package it up and mail it as soon as possible. I hope you will enjoy having it.
Thanks to all 7 of you that left such nice comments and I am sorry you couldn't all be winners. 
Till next time....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi to all,
While trying to organize my new craft area, I found my little box of things that I have made for gifts.  Above is a very small sewing box that I covered in antique fabric - about 1900-1920 - and put a velvet pincushion area on top.  Inside is a copy of a tintype of my great-great grandmother, a beeswax flower  along with a velvet strawberry emery and a copy of an antique pin cube, all made by me.  The paper of needles is an antique with new needles inside it.  The pins in the pin cube are new and are the short Clover applique pins that I use when making miniatures.  You can win this by simply leaving a comment on my blog and on Friday of this week, I will pick a winner, strictly by random means of course!  I hope you like this.
Till next time......

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ohio Quilt Top #2

Here is the second top I have purchased in Ohio.  It is what I would call Spinning Spools and  has lots of crisp fabrics in it - a huge variety of indigo fabrics and shirtings, with one nice double pink for setting blocks and border.  I seem to be having a run on double pink, but who can have too much of that in their stash?  The top is very nicely hand pieced.  We found it in an antique mall about 10 miles from here. I put it on the love seat beside Gizmo and about 2 seconds after I took the photo, this happened:
I have trouble getting his harness on him correctly, so my husband put it on before he left for work.  (Once I put it on him backwards and it made him walk in a very strange way.  Bless his heart, he just puts up with me.)  We have been outside, but only about 5 feet away from the door.  He is not a city cat and all the people and noise are hard for him to accept.  He is doing better though, and if it is one thing a cat can teach you, it is to be patient.

On to other things - Judith did you get my email regarding your nice invitation?
Jill and Lisa - thanks for leaving comments.  I love to read comments. Always good to hear from each of you.
Carolyn from Lee Prairie Designs - welcome to my blog.  I visited your blog and it is lovely.  I plan to go back  and spend more time.  Hope you enjoy coming here.
Till next time.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi honey, I'm home....

First purchase in Ohio - you guessed it -  an antique quilt top.  Lots of double pink and a very low price.  It would have been impossible to walk away from it!
We arrived a week ago and are still far from settled.  I decided to leave all my craft furniture in our home at the last minute and am currently trying to figure out what will work for me in our new very small space.  I am learning as I go.
Here is 600 sq. ft. living Tip #1:  Above you see a love seat - you may think it is a large chair, but it isn't.  It is a Lazy Boy love seat and both sides are recliners.  Saves a lot of space, but you really have to like each other.  Luckily, we do.  This is the second thing we purchased.  It is the only upholstered piece of furniture we will put in our living room. 
Till next time...