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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Missing Miniature Quilt

This is a photo of a miniature yo-yo quilt made by my friend Pat Lewis.  You may remember that she is the leader of the famous Yo-Yo ladies in Paducah, KY.  I can hardly believe it, but someone managed to steal it out of a display case at the National Quilt Museum.  It is so tiny - only 6" square, that even on the bed it would easily fit in a purse. If you see this quilt anywhere, please contact the museum.  Also, this is listed as missing on The Lost Quilt Come Home website.  It is a sad day in quiltdom.
Other news,  here is a finished miniature that you saw in progress:
Without exception, I learn something new on every project.  The yellow print was probably not the best choice for the stars - too much print going on for such a small piece.  It makes the outline of the stars look a bit muddled.  Oh well, another lesson learned.  The fabrics are circa 1880's.
Till next time............