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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey, remember this one?

This is the Civil War Block of the Week that Barbara Brackman did some time ago.  Well, I finally got it put together and am now hand quilting it.  It is completely hand pieced.  If you remember, it is a half-scale version.  The blocks are 4" and the inner border is 3/4" square scrappy pieces.  The outer border is the same fabric as the sashing.  The backing is a striped leaf print, which is folded over the front edge and basted down to protect the edge of the border fabric.  I am not using a hoop to quilt it, so it gets sort of thrown around and I didn't want the edges fraying.  The outer border is sized according to the amount of fabric I had and happily the whole thing came out a crib size.  So, one width of  44" wide fabric worked for the backing. I have no idea what I will use for binding.  My sewing room is not set up yet, so I threw it over a love seat and took the pic, which as usual is not the best, but there it is.

Till next time........

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Trip to Mary's Quilt Shop

Timing is everything.  Our last weekend in the Cleveland area coincided with Mary Koval's Quilt Shop's Open House.  We made the 3 1/2 hour drive to see her.  I have known Mary for a long time, as she would set up a booth at the Paducah Quilt Show.  She does a show in France now instead, so I don't get to see her.  She is one busy lady and so hard to catch, I figured my best shot was at her open house.  She has always been very encouraging to me and so helpful with antique fabrics.  In short, she had a great influence on my Portfolio Series.  She was so gracious to my husband and me and gave us a tour of her shop, her retreat space and her home.  I even got to play in her antique fabrics for several hours and will post some pics of the wonderful things I acquired that day.  It was a wonderful day and I could have spent a week with her. 
Mary has room to accommodate 11 quilters in her retreat space.  It is absolutely gorgeous, as is her shop and her home is stunning.  Bonnie Hunter posted some great photos of the retreat space on her blog here.
If you are ever anywhere close to Bedford, PA, make time to visit Mary's shop.  Her reproduction fabrics are absolutely the best.  If you are lucky, you will get to meet Mary.
Till next time......

Friday, January 11, 2013


First of all, can you believe two adults - my husband was in on this - would put a Santa hat and scarf on a cat?  Well, we did.  They were too small.  We need to start buying him stuff in the dog section, as he is about twice the size of a normal cat.  We thought he looked a lot like The Grinch.  So, anyway, a belated happy holiday season to you all!
Know what we did over the holidays??? We moved back to our little home in southern Illinois.  We are sooooo happy to be back in our home.  To be honest, I never adjusted to living in 600 sq. ft.  Just not enough room for two people who both have hobbies.  There is a Scandinavian word, lagom, that means "just enough" or  "just right."  Well, our little house and studio are just right, but 600 sq. ft. wasn't!  The company my husband works for, had us on hold since last May for this relocation and by this past November, we were pretty darn tired of waiting.  But, we are here now.
Did you ever watch the movie Funny Farm?  One of our favorites.  Remember how they couldn't get the right phone installed way out in the country.  Well, that is just the way it is when you live "at the end of the grid" as my husband says.  We finally have the Internet and phones.  Hooray!  Well, we have the Internet in our studio/home office, but not in the house yet.  Sigh. 
Lots to blog about for sure, but my computer is barely working and we haven't had a chance to computer shop yet.  As soon as we got here - right before Christmas - we got 20" of snow.  It has just now gone away.  That slowed us down. 
Well, I hope to be blogging away soon.  A special "hi" to  Kimber at Heirlooms by Ashton House   who took the time to email me and say hello.  She is not only a talented editor, designer and blogger, but sweet as well.  Check out her blog for some really nice photography.
Till next time, when we will get back to some quilting.........