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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brackman Civil War Blocks

 Caught up again - at least until this coming     Saturday!  Turns out making a block a week is a lot and I can't seem to stay current.  I can't believe this project will soon be ending.  This past year has sped by!

Till next time......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's in the works?

Above is the miniature quilt I was working on before this happened:
I am still working on finding the combo of needle size, yarn and method that works the best for me.  Notice the trio of little Snow Babies?  I saw these at a thrift store and couldn't resist.  I am trying very hard not to buy "dust collectors" and stuff in general, but once in awhile something has to come home with me. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quilt Festival Prize!

In a posting below, you will see that I participated in the Quilters' Festival at Amy's Creative Side.
She had a lot of sponsors giving away gift certificates and I won one from Green Fairy Quilts! I ordered a Moda Layer Cake called Little Gatherings designed by Primitive Gatherings.  Of course you know I would pick out the smallest prints available. 
About the photo - in the background you see metal containers that hold anything and everything.  I am in an ever-ending struggle to get my craft stuff organized.  Let's just say it is a challenge for me.  One thing that finally came to me in a "light-bulb moment"  was don't label containers with names, but rather with numbers.  Keep a master list with the number and the contents and then they are infinitely variable.  When you start filling a container with something, say different kinds of glue, get it nicely labeled with the word "GLUE"  you will invariably come across another stash of the stuff and it will absolutely not fit in the container.  However, if you just have numbers, you can just grab a larger container and fill it up and update your master list.  Now, this may seem obvious to you, but suffice to say it was a break-through for me! I am still working on my knitted 55 Christmas Balls and have decided to retrain myself to knit differently.  I have always had a bit of a strange way of knitting and decided to join the mainstream and that means change!  I also finally got the correct yarn and needle size, but the ornaments still seem too large to me, so have gone down to very small needles and we will see.  Photos will be forth-coming.  I have fallen in love with them for some reason. I guess because in terms of knitting, they are small projects and you know how fascinated I am with little things.
Till next time..........

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And now for something completely different....

Just when you thought you found another quilting blog, this happens! 
I am a huge fan of a blog called Quilting with the Past.  I do not know Lucy, but you know how it is when you read some one's blog all the time, you feel like you could be friends if you ever met.  Well, anyway, she was knitting these Christmas Balls from a book by Arne and Carlos and I thought they were so cute.  Then, on my last visit to our local library, a display of Christmas books caught my eye.  And, then what to my wandering eyes should appear? Why, the very book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit.
It was fate.  I had to try one.  Now, here is the thing, my knitting isn't the greatest.  I am a quilter.  But, once in awhile I like to knit dishcloths or a semi-circular shawl or something very easy.  These balls required knitting off of 4 double pointed needles and knitting with two colors - neither of those things have I done before.  But, as you can see I managed to slog through one.  It has issues. Sigh.  I am off to the local quilt  knit shop (had to come back and edit that) for some pointers.  That is where I bought my yarn and needles, but they didn't have the proper yarn and I am really not that happy with the size of the finished ball.  Think I need to order the proper yarn and needles.  Wish me luck.
Till next time....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Fall 2011

Here is my entry for the Bloggers' Quilt Festival - Fall 2011.  If you are a constant reader of my blog, you will have seen this miniature quilt before.  It is 12 3/4" square.  It is made with a plain vintage feed sack ground and all 1930's vintage fabrics.  The green leaves, stems and binding were made using vintage cotton bias tape.  I posted close ups so that you can see the scale better - my hand completely covers one block and my finger completely covers a green leaf. The Bloggers' Quilt Festival's rules want us to write all about the quilt we post, so here goes:

I made this quilt as part of my Portfolio Series.  I started this series in the late fall of 2008.  It is a series of miniature quilts made entirely of antique or vintage fabrics.  The age of the fabrics match a style of quilt that was popular at that time.  All these quilts are hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.  They all will fit in my artist's portfolio, so the maximum size of any of them is 13.625" x 16.5." The first two quilts in this series are in the International Quilt Museum and Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska and one of the last quilts I finished is in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. 
This particular quilt is a nod to all the famous leaf patterns in the 1930's.  Typically, plain white or off-white backgrounds were used and the more prints the better!  Of course any tribute to the 30's needed a Nile Green touch.  This quilt was hand appliqued (needle-turn), hand pieced and hand quilted.  It took quite awhile to come up with a myriad of tiny prints. I thought a scalloped edge would be cute, but it turned out to be a bit difficult to apply.  I continue to work on this series.

I came across the Bloggers' Quilt Festival and Amy's blog by a happy accident and decided to participate.  Go here and start visiting blogs today! 

Till next time.........