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Friday, August 28, 2015

A finish... almost!

I was asked to display my miniature quilts at the AQSG Seminar in Indianapolis this year.  It is in a couple of weeks, and it is very exciting to be asked to be there.  They hold a benefit auction, so I have made the above miniature for it.  It is my own design, but influenced - of course- by antique quilts. The center block is the same design as the blocks in the Miniature Mariner's Compass Quilt in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. A blue and white quilt has been on the agenda for quite some time, but I switched it up a little by not using the standard indigo blue color. It will be in a display case.  My husband bought the blue print for me for a birthday surprise.  It may be my favorite all time fabric - well, it would certainly be in the top five.  (There are soooo many wonderful fabrics out there.)  It is from the 1840's and he bought it from Mary Koval.  She is one of my favorite people, so there is definitely a theme going there.  I will be glad to get it done and in the case and ready to go. 
Well, this is a short and sweet post, but I had better get busy.  I have been fighting a summer cold and ear infection for quite some time now and am a bit behind in everything.
Till next time.......