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Monday, November 11, 2013

I forgot to post this..........

If you visit here often, you will have seen this one in progress.  I started making it with a pile of tumbler pieces from a large antique quilt.  The quilt was in very poor condition and many of the pieces could not be salvaged, but I thought it would be nice to do a miniature version of the quilt.  Anyway, during one or another of our moves, the stack of tumblers disappeared and I was forced to scrounge around for more fabrics.  Somewhere during this process, my enthusiasm waned and  by the time I got to the border, backing and binding, the thrill was totally gone.  It has been finished for some time, I just forgot to post it.  So here it is.
Another recent finish is:
This is a shawl I knitted using a pattern by Hanna Breetz at Ever Green Knits. She made a light and airy short shawl.  Mine is knit using Sugar and Cream Cotton in a Denim color.  It is longer and heavier than the original version, but it is what I wanted for quick trips between our studio and house.  Throw it on fast and go.
Well, that is about it for now.  Till next time..........