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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy October..........Almost missed it!

Just can't seem to keep up with my blog any more. Kimber and Karen, two of my blogging pals (see the listings in the right column) put me to shame.  Ahhh well, I will try to do better.
My husband and I had a wonderful day yesterday.  We went to a flea market north of Evansville, Indiana and things just followed me home!  We both love children's toys - and yes, we had toys when we were young, so it isn't that deprivation thing.  Oddly enough, neither of us are folk art fans, but we both loved the little cat bench.  We both saw it and neither of us said anything, as we thought the other would say yuck.  We were getting ready to leave and I said, you know I saw a little cat bench and I can't get it off my mind.  He said, oh yeah, I saw it and it was really interesting.  (You have to look closely to see that the sides are actually cats and - love this part - the tails go up the sides of the back.  How cute is that?)  Anyway, we went back, found it and bought it.  I picked up the little 1930's doll quilt from another vendor and still another vendor had the game board.  We already had the toy treadle sewing machine.  More on that collection later. 
Next we went to the quilt shop of an old friend of mine.  It is Quilts n Bloom in Haubstadt, Indiana.  The shop is owned by Kathy Will and it is very nice.  If you are ever in the area, stop by and visit.  (Check her hours, as she isn't open every day.)  Had a nice visit with Kathy and her retired quilt teacher Pam. 
Well, that's it for now.  To everyone who reads my blog - thanks for stopping by.  I will try to post more often in the future.
Till next time...............