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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Vacation

I haven't been blogging lately and decided to officially take a vacation.  (Suitcase image from The Graphics Fairy, by the way.)
My computer needs replacing, my car is in the shop and my cat is very unhappy in the city.  Sometimes life just gets you down a bit.  So, I am taking a break.  We actually are going on vacation for awhile.
We have been back to Adamstown, PA on more antique shopping for a few days.  I got to visit the famous Old Country Store, and bought some books in their little museum.  My camera was left at home, so no photos to post.  We found lots of fabric treasures, though, and that was fun.
On the home front, The Wildwood Quilters Guild asked me to give a trunk show of my miniatures and that was a fun evening.  Once again, no camera, so no pics.  We are just not camera people for some reason and when you have a blog, you really need to overcome that lack.
On the quilting scene here, absolutely nothing is happening.  For the first time in about 30 years of quilting, I have no projects going.  Can you believe it?  No piecing and no quilting.  Guess I just need a break from everything.
Well, have fun and be good.  Keep your needles threaded and I'll see you sometime in Nov.
Until then.........