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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Circa 1840's Fabrics

 We spent two days at the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah this week.  I found some fabric treasures at the Jean S. Lyle Booth .  I bought some quilt pieces shown above - everything except the buff and blue piece with the large tan flower in it.  They had rescued the pieces from a quilt that had vast amounts of disappearing fabrics.  The blue diamond shaped pieces were still attached to one another and in turn attached to the yellow diamonds.  I have spent a lot of hours taking them apart and washing the fabrics.  Pre-Civil War quilts are not necessarily sewn together with a running stitch, by the way.  (This one was back stitched and not intended to come apart.) I tried soaking the pieces  in Vintage Textile Soak, but it removed too much color in addition to the stains.  One thing I have learned about using old fabrics in miniature quilts is that the staining doesn't look nearly as bad if you are using a tiny piece.  Often, it lends a certain look to the finished quilt that I like. And, 1840's fabrics are incredibly hard to come by, in any condition or size.  The pink fabric that is barely showing in the background is actually a nice piece - about 25" square, so it is a wonderful addition to my meager stash of pre-civil war fabrics. The buff with flower is from some long panels I bought a few years ago in Nashville, TN at an antique show.  The panels were in very bad condition, but I have managed to get a lot of miniature mileage out of them. My husband swears the blue fabric could have been made in the 1930's!  He has a good eye for this kind of thing.
Other quilt show news.  I met some really wonderful people this year.  There is a group of 4 ladies who call themselves the Yo-Yo Group and you will be hearing more about them in the future.  Gerald Roy viewed my Portfolio Quilts and requested to appraise them as a collection.  That was a thrill for me.  We hope to get an appointment with him to do that.  Will keep you posted.  Till next time.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilt Finish and IQSC and Museum News

Here is the Little Leaf Quilt.  The scalloped edge made the binding a bit difficult.  I am glad it is finished.  This quilt has more quilting on it than most of my miniature quilts.  When quilting was new to me - many years ago, it seems now - accomplished quilters would say things like:  "Oh, that quilt needed that quilting design" and "when it comes to quilting, I'll just see what the quilt needs."  That really wasn't clear to me then. It has taken on more meaning over the years, and this little quilt needed a lot of quilting, even though it is not the most enjoyable part for me.  As usual, a finish is a happy thing.
In the photo you will notice a couple of things that look like patterns.  They aren't.  When a quilt is finished, I try to document it by taking a photo and collecting my notes and some scraps and putting it all in a Ziploc.  The two miniatures shown above were the first quilts made in my Portfolio Series (although that name didn't come along for awhile).  These two were acquired by the IQSC and Museum at the University of Nebraska.  It has taken awhile, but now you can view them online at:
http://www.quiltstudy.org/collections/search.html (I'm not sure this link is working.  If you go to the "search collections page and type in "Holland" at the quilt maker space, they will come up for viewing. It is certainly a thrill for me to see them there.  I never dreamed any of my miniature quilts would be in such fine company! 
Well, that's about it for now.  Till next time...........