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Sunday, January 8, 2017

What's Happening Here

Making miniiature quilts is intensive. When I need a break from them, I turn to quick little wool projects. The little mat on the left was made awhile back, as well as the scissor cases on the right. The cover in the middle is for a nifty tool.
It is a combo magnifying glass and screw driver with different small tips that are stored in the handle. It is from Menard's - one of those huge hardware/home stores. If you sign up for a charge card, they send you a birthday card every year with a coupon for a free tool. This is the one I got this year.
In the previous two years, the gifts were a flashlight (a nice small size) and a large screwdriver with a reversible bit. All of the tools feature dark wood. I keep them in my craft go bag. There is nothing worse than a scratched up magnifying glass, so I took the time to make a cover for it.
That's about it from here. It has been bitterly cold and snowy and icy here, so I stay close to home.
Hope all is well with you dear readers.
Till next time...


Jill said...

Cute little projects! Just waiting for a break in the bitter cold temps here too. Take care and keep warm.

Jane said...

Very cute, Sheila! Those are nice looking tools, that Mennards send you. Good for them to do something nice for their customers. Hope you are staying warm!


Wendy Caton Reed said...

How sweet! There is nothing like working with wool when the temperatures drop. It was zero when I got up this morning. Hope you get a warm spell soon!