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Friday, September 23, 2016

What Is Happening Here....

Washing and ironing fabrics.
It has taken me since June to get my health under enough control to have cataract surgery. I had my second eye done a week ago. Hooray! It will be the end of October before I can get new eyeglasses. Sigh. So, even though my vision is greatly improved already, I can not see with my old glasses and can't see without them. It is making me crazy. I use readers for up close, but they really don't work well. So, to occupy myself, I am washing and ironing 1930's fabrics that have been stashed away.
Above are some nice size pieces that I have found. Usually the pieces I find are not so nice, size-wise.
These are pretty nice, but smaller. Sometimes I take quilt tops apart. Above are some nice setting triangles and (my favorite) plain alternate blocks.
This is part of a pile that came from some unknown lady's stash. Each piece was tightly rolled up and tied. It is amazing to me that they survived since the 1930's. I bought a bunch of ziplocks full of the little bundles in an antique store. It was extremely time consuming to untie each bundle, hand wash them, soak them if necessary, starch and iron them.
Of course sometimes I come up with quilt pieces. This is another pain in the neck to get to a usable state.
Once in awhile you get lucky. I found these at an antique shop in Paducah when we were there for the quilt show. Some of these are cut from yardage. They were priced by the piece and not by the yard. I just cut off a piece of each one and didn't wash the entire yardage. It would be a good guess that a quilter from the 1930's had quite a stash of fabrics.
This answers one of the questions that people ask me the most - where do you get your fabrics?
Till next time.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I have talked about "The" Red and White Quilt Show before. However, I had yet to buy the book that accompanied the show. Why? Well, because the publisher's price was $60.00. Don't get me wrong, I have spent that much (and sometimes more) on books before, but I have to think about it. When this book was offered for $2 4.95 by Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Co., a copy was finally mine. Sadly, I can't figure out how to link this with my Kindle, but you can find it easily. One thing to note is that I don't order off the net, as I get a "not secure" notice. So, I get a paper catalog and order the old fashioned way by mail and check.

Oh to have been there in person! But the book is wonderful.
My interests are far ranging when it comes to books. I also ordered the following book. It was published at $50.00 and it was offered for $4.95.

 I also got a really interesting book about English history.

It contains reproduced stereoscopic cards of village scenes, as well as a newly designed viewer that folds flat. That is a very brief description.
Hamilton offered this $60.00 book for $6.95. But the really interesting thing about this book is that one of the authors is Brian May, who is a founding member of the rock band Queen - he is a guitar player and vocalist. He made his guitar , by the way. Not only that, but he has a PHD in astrophysics. I am not making this stuff up, although it probably sounds like it! He also has an asteroid named after him, as well as a species of damselfly, due to his work to preserve animal species. He got interested in stereoscopes in the 1970's. He designed the one included with the book.
All this goes to show you that you can't judge a book by its cover. Pun intended.
Till next time.........

Edit:  Forgot to mention that the shipping and handling charge when you order by mail is $3.50  no matter how many books you order. I think it is slightly higher for net orders.