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Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Calendar Page

Hello everyone!  Happy August, almost.
Here is a doll quilt that I purchased at an antique mall.  The person who has the booth likes to make things and loves antique fabric.  I do not know who she is.  But I do know that this doll quilt was recently made even though it has antique fabrics.  How do I know?  Well, I just do.  One thing to look for when trying to determine if it is truly an antique doll quilt is the binding.  This binding has the tell-tale "new look" to it and it tells you that this is a piece of an old quilt that someone has recycled into a doll quilt.  I personally think that the maker should put a tag  (or a label would be even better) saying that it is a recently made doll quilt from an antique quilt.  Another thing to watch for is the scale of the piecing - you can readily tell that this quilt just looks like it was saved from something larger.  This is all right with me and the price was all right for the piece, so I bought it.  But, as the Roman saying goes, "Let the buyer beware."
Other news from here.
We have a new toy.  Here it is:

Excuse the strange grid that is appearing on the photos.  My husband took the pics with his phone, emailed them to me, I ran them through a couple of programs and this is what came out.  We saw this on the showroom floor and were smitten.  We have talked of having a camper for years and when we found this one, we knew it was just right.  It is small - what else would a miniature quilt person have, but a miniature house on wheels. 
Here is the floor plan:
Here are some interior views:
The table collapses and can be stored in an area under the bed.  The couch is in a small slide out.  We bought a small ottoman that has storage inside and the padded top flips over to a tray.  In a camper you want multiple uses for one item and since I like to put my feet up at night, the ottoman was a lucky find at Tuesday Morning.
This is our bed with a quilt we bought  - we didn't like the bedspread that came with the camper.  You can see our mirrored closets on each side of the bed.  At the foot of the bed is a cat toy, if you are wondering what the peak is.  You can see how small the camper is by seeing the bed in relationship to the range.  On the left is a tiny piece of the couch showing. 
Above is the kitchen range and sink.  We bought a cutting board that fits on top of the range to add some counter space.  To the left of the board is the actual counter space and it is in front of the tiny entertainment center.  You can barely see the flat screen tv, but it is there and it pulls out and swivels around, which is very nice.  That way you can see it from bed or from the couch. We also have surround sound.  It can be directed over the bed or over the couch or even outside.
A better view of everything - before we removed all the stickers.

All the doors you see in the background above.
And finally:

A little Coleman grill that pulls out from a special compartment outside.  They thought of everything!
Well, that is our new baby, wish us well on our journeys.
Till next time......